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22nd May 2012

I  have been meaning to send this note to you for a while to let you know we appreciate your products.
We have been using your Bandages for a while in our breeding barn. When we received the email regarding the New SOA Itch Soap you must have been reading my mind. We have a number of skin disorders that travel through the barn during the spring and summer. Well this SOA soap works really well.

We had a mare with Hives on her side and back when  she came in from the pasture . She was rubbing and leaning on the box stall wall so hard we could see she was going to hurt her self, lucky for us we had a bar of your soap (SOA+ Itch BE Gone) we just purchased last month. We washed her and let the suds stay on her for about 5 minuets then rinsed her.

By time we finished rinsing her she stopped itching and rubbing on the wall of her stall. I mean in 20 minutes she STOPPED RUBBING on everything is sight.

When I when to check the horses before bed about 4 hours later, the hives on this mare were almost gone. By morning she was clean, no hives. 

You folks make very good products we always look to your web site first before buying supplies for our barn.

Keep use on your mailing list.

Roger Smith,  MO



4th June 2012



Quick note to let you know your SOA Bar Soap works very very well.

One of my Dressage Horse’s had a skin rash on his back and hock. I washed him one time with the SOA Soap and he stopped rubbing and rolling after the treatment bath. By morning the rash was completely cleared up.  I have been battling this issue on and off for awhile with other products and having no luck. 

You now have our attention and we will try the other Protected Equine products you offer.

Please send us a Catalog of all your products and the tack stores near us that carry your products.

Thank You,

Mary Smith, Lancaster,  PA



2nd August 2012


Your SOA Bar Soap is good stuff. It cured my pony’s problem. Now everyone in my riding club is using the soap on their horses. Can you send us 6 of your catalogs and a Tack Shop or equine catalog near us that sells your products.

Sadie Windberg, 




I think it is important for you folks to know about what happened when I used your soap.

I was Leary on spending the money on the SOA Itch soap since nothing else has worked,but your (SOA) Soap did the trick. It solved my old mare Katie’s skin problem in 1 day, and two baths.

My Vet and I could not figure out want was going on with my mare and we tried everything under the sun over the past 2 months.  After seeing the good results on her I have been using this soap on my skin problem with success.   Great product…..

Now I have a (SOA) Bar in the barn and house all the time from this point on. 

You will be hearing from my Vet soon as he was that impressed and wants to keep it on his truck.
Please send me your catalog and a list of stores that sell your items near me.


God Bless,
Wanda Parker
Lincoln, NE





It’s about time someone has come up with a inexpensive way to treat Hives on horses.


Nothing ever worked and we were calling our Vet to come out and give the horses Cortisone Shots $$$$.

Thanks for a good working product and helping my working farm that’s on a tight budget.

Emily Miles, NC





Dear America's Acres:

I have been using your SOA soap for almost a month now and love the results.


I am 51 and have been dealing with acne since I was 10. I have used EVERYTHING that is on the market and this is the only thing that has given fast results. I get cystic acne and on 15th July I developed a cyst between my eyes (beauty is over rated) and in 4 days the cyst was gone. I
washed, dryed, and then wet the soap and rubbed it on the cyst and left the soap on until my next washing (it dries clear) and in four days you could not even see it.


Please know that this is a God send to me.


I have already referred 3 complete strangers to your product.

Also, on 15th July (good day for Linda Byrne) I developed a bull's eye on my butt. It also had a lump which the doctor considered to be an abscess. So, I was not readily diagnosed since the site did not present immediately like a typical bull's eye. I believe that the reason it did not get
infected was because I was washing my entire body with this soap. (I break out on my back and chest.) I was eventually diagnosed properly and all-is-well.

You may use my testimony in your advertising or send it to others. I set out each day to try to be a blessing to someone. You will be doing me a favor by letting my words help another.


Very truly yours,
Linda M. Byrne


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